Supernova: An explosion of a star that causes the star to shine millions of times brighter than usual & together, we all shine brighter. In joining together our residents with other artists, we hope to bridge gaps and highlight different sounds, artists, and creatives.  Of course, this event is completely charitable, taking all of the proceeds from the door and donating it to a charity of the DJs choice. This was our first event series and still one of our favorites.

Some previous charities & their total donations include: 

Prevention Point Philly ($450), The Loveland Foundation ($303), RHD Morris Home ($150), StreetWatchLA ($150), Women Against Abuse ($466), Art Well($316).

open decks

Opening the doors and decks to the community, we have 12-20 DJs come throw down all night long! This night really embodies genre-fluidity, exposes everyone to new tunes, encourages new friendships, and reunites old friends. It's a great night for connection & to help provide an outlet for new talent and old talent alike. We also love to keep an ear to the ground ourselves, so we choose a few folks from Open Decks to play future main events that we throw.

more involvement


A great time supporting the music piece to this marketplace for queer makers. This team truly puts in the work to sustain the queer vendors in Brooklyn and in Philly & we hope to continue to supply music for their events as needed throughout 2022 & 2023.

Artists Booked: Book of Kellz, Deluxe Ultra, Firestone, Kid Souf, Lorboo, R3mSativa, Urban Kowboi

grafitti pier clean sweep '23

Joining forces with a few other local organizations, we took the opportunity to celebrate Earth Day by cleaning up Grafitti Pier -  a staple location for some underground pop-ups that has been used for the past few years. 

Organizations Worked With: Camp Phuck It, Somewhere in Philadelphia, Illadef, Rogue, Solar Sounds.


Pride Month Baby! Excited that Solar Sounds was invited to be a part of this celebration. Super big shoutout to SWAY Philly & BOS Philly for organizing an entire series of pride events all weekend long this year! 

Artists Booked: Riva + Bianca.


Melamixin, a subsection of Sip City Mixer, is a QTBIPOC space. Fun, safe, community-minded events for women+/nb in the Philly area. 

'Twas a pleasure to work with this group in order to provide a great environment and music for a fun evening.

Artists Booked: Lola Kinks [Vinyl Set].

Cosmic callings

Philly, DC, NYC, Pittsburgh, NJ, and the in-between have such a prevalent music & art scene to enjoy and explore. We were so inspired by the number of events around us, that we started a whole series called the Cosmic Callings.

Running from Oct 2021 - Dec 2023, we worked with a variety of industry members to host our weekly reel which highlighted a range of events.

While encouraging the community to actively support one another, try new things, and highlight local talent was incredibly rewarding, we are sorry to say we have taken an indefinite pause of the Cosmic Callings as of Jan 2024. 

This was a hard decision for us, however, between juggling this project on a weekly basis + no funding for outsourcing additional help, we did not feel we had the ability to execute the level of work we wanted to in order to continue to produce this project.

All Previous Hosts Can Find their Videos here

Big Love to All 111 Episodes (alphabetical) :
Ab (PQF), Agent Cody Angst, Annie + Lex, Avery, Ben Arsenal, Billy Bevevino, Blanco Rabbit, BlckTeeth, Boundsin, Braks, Bridget B, Chancleta, Cherry B, Cindy Ngo, Cousin Vinny, Dance Dance Waluigi, Darian Jerard, DEL, Deluxe Ultra, Devin Bulwicz, Dilloware, Doll Redacted, Electric Honey, Emma Dowdy, Emma Wanderz, Firestone, Full Moon Fool, GINA, Gravers Lane, Heph, Jared Schrock, Jewlessea, Jimbo Slice, Jitsu, Jul the Realtor, Katie/Submersion, Kid Souf, Krashendo, Kristie Adonizio, Kuya Daniel, Lauren Frank, Lebain Veteran, Lexi Riot, Lorboo, Low Iron, Maijoi, Mariah Geez, Max Starr, Merloh, Mina Solsticestaa, Mo B Outside, New Muvi, Nixx, Oscar N, Philthy Phil, R3M SATIVA, RalphJawnVisuals, Rebel Foster, Riva + Bianca, Rob Paine, Sam Aug, Sar Patel, SaraxGolden, Scarlet Estelle, Security Dog, Shahaan Huggy, Shangzilla, Shannon Ryley, Socialist Starseed, Space Heaters, Suna, Tea Kez, Techno Tarot, Tethra64, Trez, Urban Kowboi, Val Fleury, Vanessa Mari, Vicente, Victoria Alexis, Zach Atom