special productions

Elements festival '23
official soundcamp 

In Aug 2023, Solar Sounds kicked off its 2nd Sound Camp at Elements Music & Art Festival in partnership with other friends. What a special weekend as we had some huge acts pull through for surprise acts, a killer lineup all weekend long, and once again hit biggest group camp (~200) at the festival! Special thanks to all the djs, performers who got on stage, our production team (Subaquatic Productions, Oraculum, Hennessy Events, Longturn Music), our camp members, Elements Fest, & ALL the visitors.

Artists Booked: John Summit, N2N b2b David Hohme, Très Mortimer, Electric Honey, Chris Maze, Shargenol, Joshua Orange, Aviana, Entangled Mind, Firestone, Koopmusik, Good Sweat.

Road to elements '23

Ahead of the Elements Music & Art Festival, we came together with our sound camp partners to throw down at Warehouse on Watts. It was amazing to have the one & only HoneyLuv throw down in Philly, in a space so near & dear to Philly, filled with lots of friends and family, newcomers, performers, and lovely décor & lighting.

Artists Booked: HoneyLuv, Riva + Bianca, Koopmusik.

departed X sOLAR SOUNDS

Throughout 2021, Departed has infused global music culture into the Philadelphia scene bridging communities, opening opportunities to up and coming artists, and most importantly sparking joy among us.

What a treat it was to be offered an opportunity to collaborate for Departed Episode 9 at The Ave Live on September 29, 2022. 

Artists Booked: Val Fleury, Suzanne Sheer, Davron Mananov, Fred Yuldashev, Ben Arsenal, Riva & Bianca.

Elements festival '22
official soundcamp 

In Aug 2022, Solar Sounds kicked off an official awesome sound camp stage for Elements Music & Art Festival. After months of planning with our partners & longtime friends, Longturn, the turnout was incredible! Hundreds of people stopped by & danced at our sound camp all weekend long - what a dream. Plus, we had the biggest registered group camp (~200) at the festival, which was insane! We had a daytime and nighttime lineup of amazing talent paired with wonderful sound provided by our friends at Subaquatic Productions + out of this world lycra installation created by Oraculum + our space décor throughout the entire camp.

Artists Booked: Sohmi, Marbs, Val Fleury, Max Muerte, Mina, Riva + Bianca, Electric Honey, Keenan, Austin Hennessy, Blanco Rabbit, Shargenol, Chris Maze, Koop, Kuhncie, Grant Page, Easy, Voltage, Bridget, Bonira, Arekusa, Trez, Ryan Caplen.

Road to elements '22

Ahead of the Elements Music & Art Festival, we came together with our sound camp partners to decorate Hop Farm Brewing in Pittsburgh, PA, It was a unique space to have a Road to Elements Festival Pre-Party featuring Gene Farris, who would be playing the Fire Stage at the festival later that month.

Artists Booked: Gene Farris, Botez, Blanco Rabbit, Riva + Bianca, Koop, Brendan Barstow.