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A comprehensive list of all the talented artists we have booked & organizations we have partnered with thus far in our journey.

From running an official Elements Music & Arts Festival Sound Camp to partnering with the amazing Departed team - check out some of our biggest worksets yet!



Ft. Boo Lean, Alice.KM, Blanco Rabbit, Just Yelli, Sanco

Ft. DOMii, Electric Honey, Anne Fahn

Ft. Open Decks All Night Long

Ft. Tommy C, DJ Anarres, Shang, Hopifer, Firestone, Riva + Bianca

Ft. Open Decks All Night Long

Ft. Joshua Orange, Jon Jukebox

Ft. Open Decks All Night Long

Ft. Nikki Nair, Shai FM, Merloh, Woah Nelliee, TJ Groover

Ft. Open Decks All Night Long


Cheers to 2023!

Ft. Open Decks All Night Long

Ft. Anna Morgan, Jackie G, Phreakwency, Shai FM, Hopifer, Figgy, Yung Kira, Romper!

Solar Sounds Takeover w. Boo Lean @The Lot Radio, NYC

Solar Sounds Takeover
Loft @Elsewhere, NYC

Ft. Derrick Carter, Urban Kowboi, Matpat, Triple Dot Zero

Ft. Open Decks All Night Long

Ft. Open Decks All Night Long

Ft. Urban Kowboi + Lorboo + R3MSativa

Ft. John Summit, N2N b2b David Hohme, Très Mortimer, Electric Honey, Chris Maze, Shargenol, Joshua Orange, Aviana, Entangled Mind, Firestone, Koopmusik, Good Sweat. 

Ft. HoneyLuv, Riva + Bianca, Koopmusik

Ft. Deluxe Ultra + Book of Kellz

Ft. Blanco Rabbit B2B Electric Honey, Urban Kowboi B2B Linski + Open Decks

Ft. GeeXella, HVNLEE, Riva + Bianca

Ft. Demuir, Linski, & Val Fleury


Ft. Boo Lean, Urban Kowboi, Needlefag

Ft. Joopiter, Synead, Riva + Bianca, Nia.Wav

Ft. Lola Kinks

Ft. Fla$chtique, Viberium, Unicorn Daddy, Miss X

Ft. Electric Honey, Krashendo, Santino, OPIYO, in partnership with REC Philly. 

Ft. Book of Kellz + Urban Kowboi

Ft. Val Fleury, Suzanne Sheer, Davron Mananov, Fred Yuldashev, Ben Arsenal, Riva + Bianca. 

Ft. Firestone + Kid Souf

Ft. Sohmi, Marbs, Val Fleury, Max Muerte, Mina, Riva + Bianca, Electric Honey, Keenan, Austin Hennessy, Blanco Rabbit, Shargenol, Chris Maze, Koop, Kuhncie, Grant Page, Easy, Voltage, Bridget, Bonira, Arekusa, Trez, Ryan Caplen. 

Ft. Gene Farris, Botez, Blanco Rabbit, Riva + Bianca, Koop, Brendan Barstow. 

Ft. Baby Weight, Electric Honey, TeaKez

Ft. Trez. GINA & XTINA, Riva + Bianca, Firestone, Urban Kowboi

Ft. Riva + Bianca, Blanco Rabbit, Firestone, Kimshi, DVL3X

Ft. Crizzle, Chad Lock, Boundsin, Kimshi, SPCL.K, Oddson, Riva + Bianca, Sherrsta

Ft. Shearn, Firestone.

Ft. Umami, Joshua Orange, Electric Honey, Brand, Keystone, Blanco Rabbit, Linski

Ft. Riva + Bianca

Ft. MINA, Riva + Bianca, Jitsu, Ed Hoffman

Ft. Ken Kelly, Linski, Riva + Bianca, Urban Kowboi, Amy Jor, Ria Mehta, Koop, Blanco Rabbit

Ft. Chris Maze, Jonny Loco, Linski

Ft. Gay Felony [LA], UrbanKowboi.

Ft. Joey with the Mustache, Dorsé,
Riva + Bianca

Ft. Electric Honey, Blanco Rabbit, Tings, Riva + Bianca. 

Ft. Alexis Tucci, Tings, Riva + Bianca, Urban Kowboi